12th RAZAVI 2023
Today: Tuesday 25 Jun 2024
Closing Date Extended: Sunday 30 Apr 2023


The International Festival of Imam Reza (peace be upon him)

in Iran and the Islamic world, as one of the clear and current platforms of cultural and artistic creations, calls all artists and intellectuals who are eager to reach the threshold of the kingdom.

The International Cultural and Artistic Foundation of Imam Reza, peace be upon him, is organizing the 12th International Razavi Photo Festival with the participation of the Artistic Deputy of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the General Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Khorasan Razavi Province and on the occasion of the Decade of Keramat .



Targets :

Spreading the culture of Razavi at the community level through the expansion of cultural and artistic activities

Promoting the idea of imamate and strengthening the system of velayat centered on the personality, life and knowledge of Imam Reza

Expansion of cultural and artistic activities related to the lives of the infallible imams, especially Imam Reza

 Development and promotion of art photography centered on family and Razavi culture, promotion of lifestyle, connection of young people with religious culture

Quantitative and qualitative growth of luxurious and effective cultural, artistic and media products, comprehensive and friendly to the public

Content production in festivals, for publication in social media and virtual space



Entry fee :

Participation in festival is free for all photographers around the world.



Sections of the festival Photo :

professional camera photos

Cell phone photos



The theme of the festival:

- Pilgrimage rituals of Imam Reza

- Prayer, supplication and prayers in the Razavi shrine - Sacrifice and martyrdom in Razavi culture

-Holy shrine

- Religious rituals in Razavi culture

- The role of Razavi culture in the institution of the family and its transmission to the young generation

- Islamic architecture and arts in the Razavi shrine

Each participant can send five photos taken with a camera and five photos taken with a mobile phone during the festival in these two sections (a total of 10 photos for 2 sections). Each photo can be entered in only one section. Identical photos cannot be entered in the festival. Color and monochrome versions of a photo must have the same title and cannot be entered in different sections of this festival at the same time. The photos must be according to the FIAP and PSA definitions, which are given at the end of the call.

The maximum size of the horizontal side is 1920 pixels or the vertical side is 1080 pixels. The size of each photo should not exceed 2 megabytes.



 Registration deadline:April 25 ,2023

Initial selection : May 5, 2023 by the selection board

Final judging : May 15, 2023 by the jury 

The closing of the festival and the announcement of the results: the first half of June 2023





Selection Board







Mohammadreza LOTFI



Kamalodin SHAHROKH




Awards :

 A total of 880 million Iran Rials in cash prizes and diploma of honor


professional camera photo awards :

First place: Figure of Imam Reza festival, diploma of honor, cash prize of 400 million Rials

Second place: diploma of honor cash prize of 200 million Rials

Third place: diploma of honor, cash prize of 100 million Rials


Mobile phone photo awards : 

First place: diploma of honor, cash prize of 80 million Rials

Second place: diploma of honor, cash prize of 60 million Rials

Third place: diploma of honor, cash prize of 40 million Rials




Terms and Conditions :

The site of this festival is the same as the Focus Digital Secretariat . In each country, the language of the site is automatically displayed based on the language of that country. Participants of the previous Khayyam Festival and other festivals who have used Focus Digital Secretariat can participate in this festival with the same username and without the need to register again. Also, by visiting the website of Focus Digital Secretariat at the address www.Salon.Photo, you can be informed of your results in all the festivals you have participated in .To avoid unnecessary and repeated registrations, the site is designed in such a way that the user name is the participant's national code. Because there may be disruption in the Internet network in the last few days, make the necessary prediction The photos must have been taken between March 2019 and April 2023.  

-Innovation in the content of submitted works will be noticed by the jury of the festival.

-The approach of the festival is documentary and relies on the artistic creative mentality of the photographer.

-Photo editing is free as long as it does not damage the documentary nature of the photo.

-Photo montages will be removed from the festival.

- Photos that have participated in other festivals or are duplicates will be removed from the festival. 

- The organizer will have the right to use the submitted photos for cultural purposes, including photo exhibitions, publication in bulletins, magazines, information, advertising, virtual space, and urban billboards.

- Works admitted to the exhibition will receive a certificate of attendance.

If necessary to confirm the ownership of the photo by the jury, the festival secretariat will receive the original RAW file or large JPG file in the professional section from the photographer. (In the mobile phone section, after selection, the photo must be able to print 30 x 45).

Submitting the work means accepting the conditions of the festival, and if the rules are not followed, the secretariat has the right to remove it Works must not have logos and watermarks

The submitted works are first reviewed by the selection board, and the works that are not thematically or technically related to the festival will be removed.

Decisions about unforeseen cases are the responsibility of the festival secretariat.


Two different photos should not have the same title. The title must be 35 characters or less. The title of the photo or the name of the photographer should not be visible to the judges. And there should be nothing in the photo that identifies the photographer's name. The photo cannot be titled "untitled", "digital file number taken with the camera" (eg DSC05121), special characters (such as: &, $, #) or have file extensions such as .jpg or .jpeg, or a title that provided only a number (for example 123245), such titles are considered untitled and untitled photos will be removed from the festival And it is not calculated to receive FIAP and PSA titles. The title is not read in the judging and is only for identifying the photo, so name all your photos. The title should be short. Choose simple titles for your photo, not very complex and mystical titles!





 Registration and sending photos must be done only on the festival website. If the registration process and the submitted photos do not meet the conditions of the call, the photos can't participate in the judging.

English keyboard should be used during registration. Do not use the filter breaker on the payment page.


Image size:

The size of the horizontal side should be at most 1920 pixels or the vertical side should be 1080 pixels. Do not send smaller photos because they will be seen as smaller by the jury and get fewer points. Choose the quality of the photos so that the size of each photo does not exceed 2 megabytes. Photos should be saved in jpg format and RGB color mode. If the color mode of your photo is any other mode except RGB, the PDF file of your results and acceptance certificate will be without a photo. Please check the size and volume of the photos before sending them, if the photos do not meet the registration requirements, they will not be uploaded. You can read the guide on how to change the photo size.

After the selection of the jury, it should be sent as a Jpg file with the highest output of the photographic camera in the professional camera section and also with the highest quality in the mobile phone camera section. (After the selection, the owner of the work will be contacted to send his/her  photo file and if there is no high-quality file, her/ his photo will be removed from the festival).



Compliance with the definition of the section: the photos of both sections must be following the definition of the festival topics. If necessary, the raw and unedited photo files must be submitted to the secretariat to check compliance with the definition. Failure to provide a RAW or JPG file without editing can lead to the removal of the photo from the festival. Photos that do not meet the given definitions will be removed from the judging.


Policy Team :

Morteza Saidizadeh, CEO of Imam Reza Foundation , Chairman of the Policy Team

Mohammad Hosseinzadeh, Director General of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Khorasan Razavi: Head of the festival

Mohammad Javad ghasempour, Vice President of Imam Reza Foundation

Ali Sabetnia, specialized representative of Imam Reza Foundation